Founded in 2019, Narissara is an independent fashion label that is the result of a harmonious marriage of two cultures. Produced both in Thailand and Australia, all of our pieces are inspired by our connection to both cultures and our designs embolden the celebration of femininity, and when worn embody both strength and kindness.


We believe in slow fashion, and Narissara has been focusing on sustainability and how we can shift our brand into becoming more conscious. We’re constantly sourcing eco-friendly fabrics and ways to minimise our carbon footprint. With limited stocks and made-to-order pieces, each order is created from scratch, thus lowering the amount of waste in materials and excess stock. Plus, our packaging is 100% recyclable. 


With the majority of the fashion industry still playing a huge role in contributing to mass waste and landfills, we aim to be different. We take the time and care to ensure our products are made with love, understanding and a completeness only independent labels can offer.




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